Monday 4 November 2013

Editorial: November 2013

Just like that... Halloween is over, Whitby Goth Weekend is over, bonfire night is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. Time has definitely flown by during this webzine's first year of active service. We've tried our best to give you our all, and the feed back we've received has been consistently positive. We've still got a couple of things up our sleeves, notably the compilation, for which I'll be chasing up the last of the pledged tracks throughout this month. Plus we'll round off the year with one final competition, just in time for Christmas. So make sure that you continue to keep an eye on this website!

This isn't going to be a long editorial this time round, and I'd just like to focus on the support we have received and give thanks to the writers, bands and labels that have embraced us and put stock in our thoughts and opinions. It's been hard work, but I believe it has been worth it as our presence has slowly grown and the number of hits on the site has steadily increased.

We've had the opportunity to sponsor some great events this year, and we'll keep plugging the latest one, Nortanz, which is taking place in December, so you can all get to that, support the bands and round off the year on a high note.

Also, if you have a label, event, shop, radio show etc., please feel free to contact us and we'll happily pop an advert in the sidebar for you. These will be free until April 2013, so make sure you get in quick and take advantage of the space! (Adverts to be no more that 290 pixels wide and no more than 300 pixels in length unless agreed otherwise).

Finally, once again I'd like to finish off by saying that if you are interested in writing for IVM please direct your attention to the tab at the top of the site marked 'Writing For IVM'. Especially if you are a film buff.

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