Tuesday 26 November 2013

Juggernaut Music Group release free Xmas compilation

To mark one month until Xmas, and to celebrate their first six months as a record label, Juggernaut Music Group have announced the release of a free 18 track collection, 'Fuck You - Enjoy!', featuring a slew of exclusive and unreleased material as well as the first outings for some of the label's newest signings.

The compilation was mostly mastered and engineered by Sander Kapper - aka "Black Selket", and Christopher Gurney, aka IIOIOIOII master this entire release.

Track List:

1.Tactical Module ft. IIOIOIOII - Finding An Angel
2. Machinista - Take Comfort In Being Sad
3. Citizen 16 - Dismantle Me
4. System:FX - Inappropriate Touching
5. Tapewyrm – Careless
6. Black Selket - Saya Tidur (Extended 2007 Version)
7. Eisdrive – Reeperbahn
8. Kangarot - Programmed To Attack
9. Citizen 16 – Deception
10. Deadliner - Animal Sentinel
11. Kill The Sleeper - Watching The Snow Fall Again
12. RIOTLEGION – Providence
13. Electric Breathing - Emergency Exit
14. Machinista - Pushing The Angels Astray (IIOIOIOII Remix)
16. Pittersplatter - Frozen (IIOIOIOII Remix)
17. Garten der Asche - Nemesis (Ruinizer Remix)
18. Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Memories (Cryogen Second Dubbed To Death Remix)

'Fuck You - Enjoy!' is available to download now from the Juggernaut Music Group bandcamp page for free or for a small donation. Please visit the official website for more details on the label and bands involved.

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