Monday 11 November 2013

Live: Placebo – O2 Academy, Leeds

8th November 2013 

Brian Molko's speech.
Placebo last night performed and special one off show at the O2 Academy in Leeds to raise money for two charities. The Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre (Scotland), the first Tibetan Buddhist Centre in the West and the Mercy Centre (Bankok) a huge facility built in a former Buddhist temple in Bangkok, which provides support for street children, orphans and mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS.
The lights go down to a uphoric applause and a lone figure enters centre stage between two video screens, Brian Molko dressed in black jeans, shirt and blazer addresses an already over excited crowd. He starts by thanking us for our attendance and support for these two charities he is supporting. He pulls out his speech, written on cards, and begins to explain he’s reasons for the event. We are then presented with a video from Fr. Joe Maier, a catholic priest who is working in Bangkok to deliver the message of the importance of education to the poor. It was a encouraging and informative presentation next Brain introduced a Buddhist monk from the Kagyu Samye Ling Centre to talk about their work. The reception was warm and met with generous applause, after the formal proceedings the show could begin. 

Stefan Olsdal (Bass, Guitars, Keys)
Support came from The Mirror Trap from Dundee and Landshapes both bands highly eclectic and diverse in musical style. The event also featured music from BAFTA winning actors Jonny Owen and Vicky McClure on DJ duties during the changes, however needless to say there wasn't much to write home about. A seeming endless mix of the Cure and The Smiths tracks, but the main reason anyone was really there was for Placebo themselves.

Placebo’s set started with an enticing remixed version of 'Pure Morning' before any member of the band entered. Then once the band hit the stage they immediately break into the rapturous 'B3' taken from the same entitled EP. The main set itself was mostly songs from their new album 'Loud Like Love' from the catchy, quirky numbers of 'Rob the Bank' and 'Too Many Friends' to the emotive 'A Million Little Pieces' and the deep powerful drum machined drive of 'Exit Wounds'. Only one or two classics were played, 'Bitter End' and a slower rendition of 'Teenage Angst' for the final encore allowed you time to absorb the atmosphere and the bands musicianship, 'Infra-red' ended the night with the whole band taking a bow and thanking the audience again.

Brian Moklo (Guitar, Vocals)
It may not have been the best set I've heard from them, with nothing of 'Black Market Music' and very little off any of the other albums this was all in all a showcase of their new material. It sounded great, the band looked relaxed and the atmosphere was fun, with a distinctive amount of new and old fans, older couples, parents to young 4” baby bats in all their gothic make up. It was clear to see that Placebo still have a place in so many people hearts and with the charities they are supporting it makes seeing them all the more worthwhile. 


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