Thursday 28 November 2013

Review: System Syn – 'No Sky To Fall'

'No Sky To Fall' 

Clint Carney is an enviable jack of all trades, lending his skills as a musician to a number of other projects. But it his own project System Syn that he founded in 1997 that is Carney's true Raison d'être. Cathartic and cerebral in his approach to song-writing, Carney finely balances club appeal with creative experimentation. Acclaimed albums such as 'The Mourning Ritual' (2006), 'End' (2008) and 'Strangers' (2010) consistently push the boundaries of his music and continue to stand out as one of electronic musics most creative voices.

The new album 'No Sky Fall' is once again lyrically focussed, and much like it's predecessor feels a lot more restrained and subtle compared to his work in Imperative Reaction and God Module. As on 'All Seasons Pass' the subjects of the material are dark and personal, and the use of piano and almost minimalistic song-construction heighten the emotion expressed in the lyrics. Songs like 'The Boys Who Make The Music', 'Lost', and 'Empty' in particular give the album some introspective weight. This side of Carney's song-writing may be something you either love or hate, but there is no denying he is good at it.

'No Sky Fall' also makes good use of Carney's ear for a great synth melody with some more dance orientated cuts that will appeal to those who would rather let their bodies move. 'The Privileged', 'Daydream From A Deathbed', 'Breathe in', and 'Truth And Consequence' in particular will be received well on dance floors around the world with their strong beats, subtle groove and memorable leads.

The production and engineering as always is excellent, showing that Carney's skills as a song-writer and only enhanced by his experience behind a mixing desk. There are some genuinely unique and interesting tracks that play around with the conventions of the electro-industrial genre. The heavy focus on lyrically driven songs can become a little draining after a while of extended listening. But the quality of the execution always manages to carry you through with ease.

This is another strong offering under the System Syn name. It may not surpass the very high benchmark set by the likes of 'The Mourning Ritual' and 'End', but Carney continues to prove his worth and continued evolution as a song-writer. 

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