Monday 4 November 2013

New releases from Suicide Commando & Lescure 13

Belgian harsh ebm legend Johan Van Roy, AKA Suicide Commando, have announced the release of the latest dancefloor anthem from the album 'When Evil Speaks'. The single will be limited to 999 copies and features seven remixes from the likes of by Reaper, Binary Park, Acylum, and Wynardtage, plus a reworking of 'Monster', and a brand new exclusive track.

The single will be released through Out Of Line on 29th November 2013.

Track List:

1. Unterwelt (Single Edit) 
2. Unterwelt (Binary Park Remix) 
3. Unterwelt (Apocalypse)
4. Unterwelt (Reaper Remix) 
5. Monster (Fragile Child Remix) 
6. Body Machine Body (Demo Version)
7. Unterwelt  (Nitronoise Remix) 
8. Unterwelt  (Acylum Remix)
9. Unterwelt (Wynardtage Remix)

Also available from Suicide Commando on 29th November is the 12” picture disc vinyl single 'See You In Hell'. Which also contains the rarieties 'Murder' and 'Remember'.

Track List:

A1 See You In Hell
A2 Save Me
B1 Murder (previously unreleased version)
B2 Remember

If that wasn't enough for Suicide Commando completeists, After a long hiatus the first new material from Lescure 13, the ebm act formed in 1989 by Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando) and Stefan Bens (Stin Scatzor) has been announced.

With 'Too Much … Motherf***ers ' the band return with a double album of new material, reworked classics and rareities.

Track List:

01. Who Has The Right
02. Hass und Liebe
03. Too Much ...
04. Todbereit
05. Secrets
06. To The Hilt
07. Screaming Hell
08. People
09. Total Chaos
10. Refuse The Needle
11. Who Has The Right (Autodafeh Remix)
12. Secrets (Spetsnaz Remix)
13. Who Has The Right (Psionic Remix)

01. The Beast
02. God Is Nothing
03. Secrets
04. Flesh
05. Too Much
06. Behind The Door
07. Cardiac Arrest
08. 20 Minuten
09. The Lights Go Out
10. Sleep In My Garden
11. Tina The Sexmachina
12. Kiss Me She's Dead
13. Spastic Motions
14. Wie ein toter Hund
15. Screaming Hell
16. Aggression/Obsession
17. Who Has The Right
18. Jump Into My Face
19. People
20. Down The Line
21. Refuse The Needle

'Unterwelt', 'See You In Hell' and 'Too Much... Mothergf***ers' are all available to pre-order now via the Out Of Line webshop. For more information on Suicide Commando, please visit the official website.

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