Monday 18 November 2013

Review: The Mekano Set – 'The Three Thieves'

'The Three Thieves' 

The Mekano Set have had nobody to thank but themselves for the praise and airplay they've received. The group have maintained the DIY ideals of the early 80's punk scene and, like their music, have updated it into a modern and effective package. Proving time and again to be a “thinking man's band”, they blend 80's post-punk and shoegaze with 90's trip-hop and ambient crafting releases such as 'Maastricht Circle', 'Black Asprin' and now their new EP 'The Three Thieves' with exceptional skill.

The EP kicks off with the catchy 'No Place' with it's jagged and punky bass line, which is augmented by searing synthesizers and the morose baritone of Milk. 'Loom' goes into more trip-hop territory with it's distinctive beats and synthesizers, but its the psychedelic bass gives it that haunting soul that the band are so good at creating. 'Sumni' slowly builds into a post-Curtis New Order style dance track with a Peter Hook inspired bassline and up-beat rhythms.

'Plavitsa' maintains the pace of it's predecessor but this time veering into the territory of the likes of pre-Acid House The Shamen with it's shoegaze groove and dance appeal. 'Crashback' then heads back into more sinister waters with it's ambient electronics and central driving beat. The EP is rounded off with 'What Is Whit?', which again borrows heavily from the band's dark ambient influences constructing a sinister drone around an even more sinister sample for a nightmarish 26 minute finale.

This is another solid and interesting release from The Mekano Set, which once again proves that they are one of the most interesting art rock groups in the UK today. The album is at times dance friendly and at others introspective, but always dark and intelligent. The band have not compromised on their unique approach to writing and constructing songs, and it continues to pay off.

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