Wednesday 20 November 2013

Review: Hope Esthiem Vs XP8 – 'Heartless Disaster' (Single)

'Heartless Disaster' 

One of the beautiful things about Kickstarter is the ideas people come up with as incentives. XP8 for example, when funding their excellent 'Adrenochrome' album earlier this year offered to collaborate with one of their funders. Gerry and Jadei of Hope Esthiem quickly snapped up that opportunity, the result of which is the new single 'Heartless Disaster'... and it's a pretty damn good one too.

The song is simply a huge club anthem with dual male and female vocals coupled together to add plenty of melodic scale to the driving trance-tinged ebm of the track. The distinct throbbing bass of XP8 and the enveloping synths distil the best of the band's recent album into this song. While the remix contributed by Studio-X brings a more dubstep flavour to the original song with it's thunderous stuttering bass and toe-tapping rhythm.

'Heartless Disaster' is a distinct and fresh track that sees both sides bringing out the best in each other. The final production and mix on both the original and the remix are faultless, and this will no doubt shortly become a mainstay of most club nights.

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