Thursday 7 November 2013

Review: Monomorte – 'Ad Extremvm'

'Ad Extremvm' 

Solo post-industrial and witch house influenced act Monomorte has already got two EPs to its name in the form of 'coven 23' and 'dead things shouldn't play with children'. Completing the trilogy is 'Ad Extremvm', focussing heavily on the ambient and ritualistic side of the witch house spectrum. The EP is subtle and layered with hushed, almost subliminal vocals and mechanical rhythms owing much to down-tempo electronica.

The EP is introduced with a short crescendo before revealing the stuttering rhythms, semi-distant vocals and hanging synths of 'Caedo' for a somewhat trip-hop opener. The track list then veers into more dark ambient territory with the likes of 'Lacerandvm' and 'Reptilis Oscvlcm' sounding in particular as though they should have been included in the Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines soundtrack. 'Daemon Fvtvo' brings in the trippy occult samples and repetitive but toe-tapping beats for a groovy entrancing track. The EP then finishes with 'Dedisco', evokes the likes of Apex Twin's ambient works with it's sinister mechanical rhythm and swirling noise juxtaposed by a simple ambient melody.

'Ad Extremvm' is a very nicely produced package. Subtle, retrained and with plenty of attention given to details it is a perfectly formed package. The production is clear and fresh and the mix makes good use of the vocals to add extra ambience.

This is a very promising act that has the capacity to both create infectious beat-orientated electronica as well as immersible ambient. For fans of witch house, dark ambient and post-industrial, Monomorte is going to be a name to keep an eye on.

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