Monday 24 February 2014

Alien Vampires return with 'Harsh Drugs & BDSM' EP

Anglo-Italian cyberpunks Alien Vampires have a announced their first new release since 2012's 'Clubbers Die Younger' EP. The band's new eight-track digital only EP, 'Harsh Drugs & BDSM', will be released officially on 28th February via Alfa Matrix.

The EP will include remixes by Modulate, ESA, W.A.S.T.E, Speed Injektion, Statik Sky and D.K.A.G.  As well as a bonus B-side track 'Fake Blood Is For Cunt'.

Track list:
  1. Harsh Drugs & BDSM
  2. Harsh Drugs & BDSM (MODULATE mix)
  3. Harsh Drugs & BDSM (ESA mix)
  4. Harsh Drugs & BDSM (Magliana mix by SPEED INJEKTION)
  5. Harsh Drugs & BDSM (STATIK SKY Submissive mix)
  6. Fake Blood Is For Cunt (from "Evil Generation", remixed by Alien Vampires)
  7. Harsh Drugs & BDSM (Fucked Up by D.K.A.G.)
  8. Harsh Drugs & BDSM (W.A.S.T.E. Harsh Noise mix)

'Harsh Drugs & BDSM' is available to pre-order now via the Alfa Matrix bandcamp page. For more information on the band please visit their official website.

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