Thursday 6 February 2014

Cease2xist return with 'WIYGN?'

Industrial upstarts Cease2xist have announced the release of their follow-up to 2012's 'You Are Expendable'. Their new EP 'WIYGN?', will be released on 18th April 2014 through Juggernaut Music as both a digital download and limited edition CD release.

The EP features guest vocal contributions from Cryogenic Echelon and Dreams Divide as well as remixes from Ruinizer, Biomechanimal and Defeat. Also included is a bonus in the form of 'Living By The Bullet – Reloaded' featuring reworked and remastered tracks from the band's 2010 début EP.

Track List:
2. Generation WTF - Feat. Cryogenic Echelon
3. Incinerator
4. You've Got Us Now - Feat. Dreams Divide
5. I Wanna Be Your Dog
6. This Is My Design...
7. WIYGN? (Echoes Of The Mind Remix by RENOIZED)
8. Incinerator (Instigator Remix by CRYOGENIC ECHELON)
9. WIYGN? (Whiskey Priest Remix by DEFEAT)
10. Generation WTF (1984 Remix By BIOMECHANIMAL)
11. ????
12. This Is My Design... (Church of Swaggrotech Remix by RUINIZER)
13. WIYGN? (Cease2xist vs BlackLava Remix)
14. Xistence (Reload Mix)
15. Living By The Bullet (Reload Mix)
16. Control, Rebirth, Delete (Reload Mix)
17. The Unbearable Thought Of Defeat (Reload Mix)

'WIYGN?' is available to pre-order now via the Juggernaut Music Group bandcamp page. For more information on the band, please visit their official website.

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