Tuesday 25 February 2014

END: the DJ's New Music Picks- February 2014

New Music Picks for February 2014

There’s been a diversity of hit new music this month from around the globe. Read on, see and hear what great new tunes you shouldn’t miss!

Halo Effect- 'The Big Lie (DYM Remix)' - EK Product
The new Code Mixing - Recoding Remix double album from Halo Effect is quite the endeavour. There are so many top-notch remixes that it’s almost impossible to pick just one track yet this DYM remix slams, showing the project’s expertise in production- a great hard beat.

Armando Biz- 'Sometimes Moscow Sleeps' - Green Mono Records
Another powerful anthem from Green Mono Records. 7 minutes of awesomeness, I can’t get this track off of repeat play, it’s flawless. 

Dimensional Explosion- 'Psycho Terror' - [unsigned]
Last month I reported on the new music being that was a released last year from Dimensional Explosion (formerly E.I.D)- then this month I was hit with his first track from the new year, once again setting a standard for noisy melodic experimental music. Fantastic!

Amnistia- 'Catch Me' - Dark Dimensions Label Group
Great EBM/Body Wave track from Amnistia’s 4th album Antiversus. Has a great flow and gets the floor moving and stomping. Everything meshes well here, from the vocals to the beat.

Orlese- 'Mash Up the Fun' - Green Mono Records
This track’s heavy build and thundering bass line with a touch of deep ambient in the breaks is a masterpiece. Also don’t mix the amazing Kids Electronics Remix in this single release. Green Mono’s high output of quality music continues for 2014.

Terrorkode- 'Fucktard' - Deathwatch Asia
New Terrorkode music to assault the ear holes. This unrelenting mover from the new Frequency Overload album is a must for everyone.

Beat Tempest- 'Fingers in the Duck' - C Clone Records
Beat Tempest returns with a hard hitting track. Great beat, fantastic breakdown. This track guarantees to sway bodies.

Epinephrin- 'Sanduhr' - Dark Dimensions Label Group
Epinephrin is Pascal Beniesch ([x]-Rx)’s first music project. This track from the new Alles auf Anfang album has such catchy club rhythms and melody. This is but one of the many tracks from the new release that will fill the dance floor.

Stahlnebel & Black Selket- 'Echo' - Advoxya Records
The powerhouse EBM duo from Germany & the Netherlands hits us with another beast of a track. Lace up the stomping boots for this one.

Surveillance- 'I Was There [feat. Carolyn Powers]' - [unsigned]
From the new Oceania album, this artistic project from Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) is a music lover’s pleasure. This very textured track has great production and guest vocals.

And there are even more tracks that everyone should be checking out this month. Check them out:

God Module- 'The Mark' - Metropolis Records
Best track on the False Face album, this is the highlight of the new release. A really vicious track.

Blue Sense- 'Discovery Constellation' - Blue Sense Recordings
Blue Sense from the Netherlands never disappoints when he gets fast and heavy with his music work. This track’s rolling bass line and the mid break will astound you. Simply stated, it’s a slamming track.

Enter and Fall- 'Hope (It’s Not the End)' - Emmo.biz Records
Enter and Fall returns with the new Isolation album- this is one of many outstanding tracks. A very textured and thoughtful track not to be missed.

Syrian feat. Marian Gold from Alphaville- 'Supernova (Club Rework Extended Mix)' - Infacted Recordings
This rework of a 2007 track from Syrian with timeless guest vocals from M. Gold of Alphaville is a welcome surprise for 2014. This new version is made for the club floor.

Advance- 'Dead Technology' - Analogue Trash Records
Very top-notch production work and complimentary vocal style with uplifting and thoughtful lyrics. This track from the new Deus Ex Machina album is one of a number of tracks to check out from Advance.

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist with releases on Infacted Recordings, Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END tours internationally, supporting many dark electronic artists and labels plus has live mixes on U.S. and UK radio, Industrial Club Sessions. For more info, check his official website at ENDtheDJ.com

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