Tuesday 4 February 2014

Review: Jensen – 'Zero One (Redux)'

'Zero One (Redux)'

One of the great things about the industrial scene is it can be from any angle. In Jensen's case it seems to come in the guise of a full force megastrike to your ears. This trio from Leeds re-release their début with Armalyte Industries with a no holes barred self-destruct button to the senses.

The opening track 'Ghosts' begins with what can only be described as a World war. With the anger of Nine Inch Nails (you know, when they still did anger) and late Cubante, the vocals are screaming, but not juvenile. It's follow up 'The Corrupter' is an 80's darkwave groove, whilst keeping the red flag still kept in front of your eyes. 'Stars' keeps in tune to the 90's style of the genre, perhaps a little too much, with familiar riffs and lyrics out of the mind of a certain Brian and Micheal (wink), and yet it will definitely be a crowd pleaser on tour.

Adding harmonies to a shouty track, the cover of 'Wild Boys' takes a while to kick in, and when it does comes in dribs and drabs and leaves you wondering on maybe they should have tried a not so obvious track to pay tribute. The final track is a yummy remix by abstract group i!, twinkling their IDM mixed with old school charm over the track 'Ghosts'. Adding drums to the mix and cutting them to pieces with expert timing, i! are certainly one to look out for in the remix compilations.

Jensen have managed to keep the teenage angst that many acts have "blessed" us with but at the same time given us some substance (and as a 26 year old I wouldn't feel "too old" to listen to them). Their sound crosses generations and may even get the younger fans into the kind of stuff that has influenced it in the first place. A great first run for a group that are sure to only get louder as time goes by.

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