Wednesday 12 February 2014

Review: Psy'Aviah feat. Kyoko Baertsoen – 'Our Common Future' (Single)

'Our Common Future' (Single)

Following on from the duo's 'Future Past' EP, Psy'Aviah continue their blend of elegant ebm mixed with trip-hop on the new single, 'Our Common Future'. Enlisting the sensual vocal talents of Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape, Hooverphonic), the song is an undoubted club hit.

The song is a mid-paced, trippy ebm track that is tinged with light ambient synths and powered by sexy trip-hop rhythms. The musical elements are balanced and compliment the emotional vocal performance of Baertsoen and the eco-friendly lyrics perfectly.

As is usual practice, Psy'Aviah have enlisted remix contributions from a cross-section of artists including Synthetic Epiphany, Dizkodude, Stereo For Two, Junksista and Sinister Souls. Each artist's contribution is worth of note and plays to the originals dance potential in different ways whether its the house style of Stereo For Two, the dubstep tinged reworking from Synthetic Epiphany, or the drum 'n' bass of Sinister Souls.

Each track is nicely crafted and the overall production on the album is no less than excellent. Psy'Aviah managed to find a nice balance, as always, between intelligent and thought-provoking art and sheer dance potential.

The only criticism is that six tracks of the same song is a little excessive and a b-side or a remix of another track would have been a nice inclusion. On the whole though this is a strong single, and one that will get a lot of play over the coming year.

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