Wednesday 19 February 2014

Review: Cynical Existence – 'Erase Me'

'Erase Me'

'Erase Me' proved to be the break out track from Cynical Existence's last album, 2013's 'Erase, Evolve, And Rebuild'. It's inevitable then that an EP release was to follow. Thankfully though we don't just get the usual lazy formula of the original song plus five remixes of the same track. Instead we get a much more varied offering than most bands tend to give us these days.

There are four versions of 'Erase Me' included here, with the original cut, a fairly straight club mix and remixes courtesy of Angel of Genocide, Implant, and PsioniC. All three versions of the title track are competent and worthy of club play, but they're not all that imaginative and don't really deviate from the originals blueprint.

Things get a lot more interesting with the inclusion of the dark and desperate 'My Private Hell', which shifts the focus to what may be in store for a future Cynical Existence release which, judging by this, should prove to be an intriguing direction. This is followed up by 'Lust And Despair' featuring vocals from Dräcos von Strecker which kicks things back into high gear for a nice dance track. The EP is rounded off with a remix of another album track, 'Your Decadence My Sins' by Kai Otte which delves into punkier territories for a refreshing take on the original.

This is quite a nice EP that mixes the need for alternative mixes for the dance audience with new and interesting previews of what is yet to come from the project. There isn't a lot of choice, granted, and therefore it may pass the casual listener by. But Cynical Existence's fanbase will give this a warm reception.

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