Thursday 6 February 2014

Review: The Death Notes – 'Falling From Grace' (Single)

'Falling From Grace' 

Nottingham's The Death Notes made a major gamble opting for a male replacement to their original female vocalist. But with the release of the band's second EP with new frontman Mark Saxton, all doubt is well and truly dispelled. The band's icy cold indie rock is a comfortable fit for Saxton's voice which recalls the likes of Gavin Friday crossed with Trevor Tanner in their 80s heydays.

The new single, and second from the forthcoming 'Lost And Found' album, 'Falling From Grace' is a mid-paced semi ballad that makes good use of a Killing Joke-esque bass line to give the song a good grooving underbelly. The light synth strings give the song a wistfully mournful quality that is punctuated by the echoing vocals of Saxton. It's classic proto-goth.

The production is nicely done although it feels rather retro. This does give it a somewhat classic sound, but it does come off as a little dated. But on the whole it is a solid effort from a band that are having no trouble redefining their sound.

'Falling From Grace' will play well to fans of the early gothic rock sound. The band's post-punk / indie-goth formula remains intact and further whets the appetite for the band's imminent full-length outing.  

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