Tuesday 30 September 2014

Attrition releases 'Narcissist vs One Horse Rider'

Veteran industrial pioneer Attrition, AKA Martin Bowes, has announced the release of a new remix album 'Narcissist vs One Horse Rider'. The album, available through A Two Gods Production, features 26 Remixes of the songs 'Narcissist' and 'One Horse Rider', which are both taken from the studio album 'The Unraveller of Angels'. The album encompasses every genre from dance floor electronics to dark ambient piano and strings, and features contributions from the likes of Angst Pop, Technomancer, Fearpassage, and Zero Corporation.

Track List:
1.Narcissist (ID Mix by Angst Pop feat. Technomancer)
2.Narcissist [Void Prototype remix]
3.One Horse Rider (Man Woman Machine mix)
4.Narcissist (Id Before Ego Mix by ANKST)
5.One Horse Rider (Technomancer mix)
6.Narcissist (Analog Angel remix)
7.Narcissist (Egoist Anarchism mix by Fearpassage)
8.One Horse Rider (do.service mix)
9.Narcissist (Remixed by Pete Every)
10.Narcissist (Ego RMX by DJ Darkside)
11.One Horse Rider (Johnathan|Christian Mix 1)
12.Narcissist (Lagowski mix)
13.Narcissist (Contaminated Intelligence mix)
14.Narcissist (Piano Improvisation By iNsCissorS)
15.One Horse Rider (Soft Riot remix)
16.Narcissist (Zero Corporation remix)
17.Narcissist (Dust Orchestra remix)
18.One Horse Rider (Viy Remix)
19.Narcissist (BBCom Remix)
20.One Horse Rider (Empire State Human mix)
21.One Horse Rider (Acclimate Darda'il mix)
22.One Horse Rider (The Pain Machinery Remix)
23.One Horse, Reprise (the attrition remix)
24.Narcissist (Lagowski deep chamber mix)
25.One Horse Rider (Synthetic Terrorist mix)
26.Narcissist (Noir Magnetik Remix) 

'Narcissist vs One Horse Rider' is available as a free/pay what you want download for 26 days, as well as a double CDr version through the Attrition bandcamp page. For more information on the band, including live dates and future releases, please visit the official Attrition website.  

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