Thursday 18 September 2014

Review: Psy'Aviah – 'The Xenogamous Endeavour'

'The Xenogamous Endeavour'

Belgian electronic act Psy'Aviah have been one of the most consistent and interesting members of the Alfa Matrix roster. Having seen success with the vocal contributions of Emélie Nicolaï on albums such as 'Entertainment Industries' (2008) and 'Eclectric' (2010), the band has now shrunk in size back to principle songwriter Yves Schelpe who is joined by a host of revolving artists and vocalists for the latest album 'The Xenogamous Endeavour'.

Musically Psy'Aviah has always been hard to pin down incorporating pop, rock, emb, trip-hop, electroclash and techno elements in their formula and this is the case for the new album, which offers up a platter of exquisitely crafted electronic music.

Songs such as 'Long Way' with Lis van den Akker, 'Our Common End' with Mari Kattman, 'Deliverance' with Miss FD, 'On My Mind' with Lisa Nascimento, and 'Get Your Tickets' with Suzi Q. Smith, channel Schelpe's skills through laid back pop and into infectious dance territory. But perhaps the biggest testament is that despite the different styles, and the numerous vocalists, it is always identifiably Psy'Aviah... even the Celtic influenced ambience of 'In Uthenera (Leliana's Song)' has that identifiable essence to it.

Yves Schelpe as a songwriter is only getting better with each album. Psy'aviah albums have always been polished and well constructed to reflect this and 'The Xenogamous Endeavour' is no different. It's crisp, clean and always compliment each songs dominant style.

Schelpe may have shook things up in the Psy'Aviah camp, but he certainly has things under control if any long-time fans had any doubts. This is a strong album that balances and twists genres. It is a slick and enjoyable pop record with some arty attitude and plenty of strong dance beats to boost. It is clear that Schelpe is looking to the future, and the future is certainly looking bright. 

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