Tuesday 16 September 2014

Review: Ca†hedra / Mois† - 'Split EP'

'Split EP' 

Mexico's Ca†hedra and the US based Mois† get together to release quite a fine split EP here. Featuring separate tracks plus a couple of collaborative efforts the EP gives a little more than your usual split release would. With four original tracks each and two quite frankly sublime co-operations the EP is a fine platform for both acts to show off what they are capable of.

Both acts are steeped in the witch-house / drag / down-tempo rave style with Ca†hedra exploring more ambient atmosphere, while Mois† opts for a more minimalist form.

Ca†hedra's contributions are wonderfully dark and psychedelic with songs like 'King' and 'Graveyard' forcing the rave beats to the surface while the seductive 'Suicide', featuring vocals from Shine Brida, is half sing-a-long and half incantation in its delivery. And the opener 'Incantation' is an unsettling and unnerving blend of magikal lecture and atmospheric drones.

Mois† favours more of a recognisable blend of down-tempo rave electronics and industrialised hip-hop beats across tracks such as 'BonePlay', 'Suger', and 'T00thFairy'. While 'Reality' breaks out the heavily distorted vocals and more experimental songstructure.

However the two collaborations 'I Prey' and 'Pain' are perhaps this EPs biggest selling points. The hanging drones and delicate pianos combined with simple but effective beats and melodic synths make this a great chill-out track. While 'Pain' is a more stripped-back and beat-heavy track with a simple and memorable synth lead.

The production isn't amazing, but it does compliment the music. It is rough around the edges but on the whole it is well mixed and doesn't detract from the songs themselves.

This is a very enjoyable EP that shows off some great material from both acts. But it is the points where they crossover that is perhaps the most interesting. I'm sure both acts will build on this strong platform individually. But based on 'I Prey' and 'Pain', it would be a shame if a side-project, or at the very least another split release wasn't on the cards for the future. 

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