Friday 12 September 2014

The weekly compendium 12/09/2014

That's the end of another week here at Intravenous Magazine. And about damn time too! Hopefully you'll all have something fun lined up for the weekend, but if you do get half an hour to yourself, then why not sit down and give this week's articles a read.

We had an interview with Leeds gothic super trio Quasimodo. An editorial column from myself rolling my eyes at the latest Jack The Ripper “Theory”, while Joel used his column to talk about hunting Nazis. We had a little news courtesy of Swans, and reviews of the latest releases from Scarlet Soho, Ventenner, Nightmares And 808s, and Twilight Fauna.

Over on Facebook we saw new music from The Gifted, Brainclaw, and Alterred. While Alter Der Ruin have decided to give their album, 'I told You Not To ListenTonight Didn't I?', away for free. Atari Teenage Riot have a new musicvideo. Psy'Aviah have released a preview of their forthcoming album. And David Bowie announced a new compilation featuring new material!

Right, that was the week that was. I need a cup of tea and a dark chocolate hob nob, so I'll leave you with this.

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