Monday 22 September 2014

Live: Velvet Acid Christ - Elektrowerkz, London

"We shall return" Bryan announced last week, as the frontman and helmsman of legendary Industrial band Velvet Acid Christ came down after a mixed tour in Europe. The penultimate date set in London's alternative hub 'Electrowerkz' and the crew were scepticalof the gigs turnout.
"We picked the wrong time of year; mused Bryan, it's the latter part of festival season and no one will want to come see us. We were in Berlin a few nights ago and they told us not to come across the water, that it wouldn't be worth the effort." 

Boy were they wrong. 

The sold out gig was packed with 300 fans, some from other bands, some from labels, all of whom have had their lives touched by this patriarch of menace. "What's not to like, Giles of Industrial label Armalyte Industries said, it's full of sex, drugs and is full of soul. It's dance music for Serial killers." 

The gig was opened by in-house band D.K.A.G. They were what you'd expect for a warm up band at an industrial gig, monotonous, repetitive and predictable, but just what the crowd needed to get them pumped for the main event. D.K.A.G. will always end up being one of those M.O.R. bands of it genre, offering nothing new to the scene apart from a mindless electro beat to keep the club nights full.

Slimelights' DJ Gass Man provided a much more thrilling set, popping in between acts. Playing Industrial classics across the board in a more appropriate fashion.

By the time VAC entered centre stage the room was alive with fans all waiting to see what Bryan and the gang had in store. "This is the only date on our tour where we shall be playing a 'greatest hits' of a set. We felt it only fair as the fans from the UK have been waiting so long."

Opening with classics like 'Fun with Drugs' and 'Caustic Disco', VAC had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. Although on a tight time frame, Bryan admitted he does like to chat a lot on stage. What came next was a theatre of hate where he attacked many things in the world he could not abide. Included were other musicians, religion and record label owners who have since retired. All was taken in great jest though, as he bombarded us with other fan favourites like 'Pretty Toy', 'Slut' and an incredible version of 'Futile'. New songs and covers were also added into the mix, which he promised would be released soon after the tour.

It was announced soon after the gig that Bryan planned to return to the UK next year. Here's hoping the fans who couldn't make it this time around get a second chance to see this tour de force on stage. All we shall say is that we welcome Velvet Acid Christ back any time.

Photography by Crestfall Photography

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