Monday 15 September 2014

Review: Z'EV – 'A Handful Of Elements'

'A Handful Of Elements'


Armed with decades of sonic material created in the course of his long career Z'EV comes with a meditation on the elements of ancient Greek philosophy and alchemy. This concept in some hands may require the listener to connect sounds and elements, but Z'EV can be expected to take a more esoterically learned approach to this alchemical concept. The elements map the states of matter and spirit, and each of the elements of matter take up precisely the same space – twelve-minutes, two seconds and the fifth ('Spiritus, the quintessence'), twelve-minutes exactly.

'Terra', the centre, the seismic basis moves like the aeonic shifts of the ground beneath the feet of the seeker. In its mutability one finds the eternal essence. 'Aqua', covering, the essence of dissolving, of submersion. This piece is at once evocative of oceanic movement and invokes the esoteric qualities of the element of water. One can feel the presence of the elemental spirits and the life that dwells therein. Sylphs encircle the listener as 'Aer' weaves its disquieting spell. Their voices may be heard from within the track, or it may be the airy spirits whispering, having been summoned by the vibrations. Fire beats and crackles as 'Ignis' takes hold. The atmosphere carries the character of gross matter being consumed and the purity of the flames at the same time. It seems the order of the elements may be intentional, charting the journey of consciousness up the middle pillar from Malkuth to Kether, dust to spirit, each step containing the spirit of all the others. 'Spiritus' rests at the end of the journey, flowing gently in its eternal light.

This is a meditative release, but it inspires a meditation that awakens and occasionally jolts, instead of lulling the listener into a dream-state. 'A Handful Of Elements' is the work of a master that rewards exponentially more for every listen. Ambient music created for concentrated attention.

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