Tuesday 16 September 2014

Review: Threes And Will & Huerequeque – 'Blue Thirteen'

'Blue Thirteen'

Avant garde is the name of the game as Estonian artists Threes And Will & Huerequeque come together to collaborate on their first EP on UK label Blue Tapes. The release features three collaborations and two solo tracks that bridge psychedelia, noise rock and good ol' fashioned disregarded for genre conventions.

Kicking things off is the first of the two solo tracks, this one courtesy of Huerequeque who presents 'Homöopaatiline epopöa' a dissonant blend of rhythm, distortion, a western-influenced guitar line that wouldn't sound out of place in a Tarantino film, and disorientating samples.

The three collaborative tracks 'Amudarja (Ver 1), 'Ikh Khüree', and 'Hullumeelsuse Mägedes' all sing from similar him sheets with a leaning towards southern / stoner rock instrumentation and the occasional psychedelic use of samples aimed to distort and twist into its own melody. The interesting thing is that they all sound some what incomplete. Almost like they were recorded in a jam session while waiting for other band members to turn up. It's minimalistic in places, but it works.

The second of the solo tracks sees Threes And Will unleash the monolithic 'Sea Fourth Pt II', which is a dominating track at ten minutes in length with its simple repetition and drone-doom flirtations.

This is a strong EP release. It's dirty, noisy and intense with plenty of distortion and bass frequencies cutting through the speaker. Hopefully both artists will be quick to capitalise on this with follow-up solo releases to show off what they can do separately in more depth, while keeping the door open for a further collaboration.

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