Thursday 5 March 2015

Review: Ambassador 21 – 'Killers' EP


Not many artists can get away with the ballsy move of releasing an EP for a track they wrote all the way back in 2009, but this relentless Industrial duo from Belarus have managed to make a stand to start their New Year. Their 'Killers' EP contains four tracks, all of which span from the last six years of their long career, and have been re-vamped in bloody fashion to make long term fans and fresh faces of the act take notice.

'Face Your Future Killers' starts up with a horn of Jericho, followed with what can only be hell in a digital hand basket.  There is no time to stop to take a breath as the track keeps an amazing pace, you may even believe a revolution is at hand hidden in the track. 'Turn Yourself' takes the Rolling Stones classic 'Paint It Black' and flips it on it's head, creating a track that sounds like Atari Teenage Riot being put through a meat grinder, except it has coherent beats. 'In Love' is as evil a track as the band will ever get. It's distinct Noize style makes for a fantastic change and it's rhythm gives a theme for the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Starting on a slower note and building to a head-fuck is their old skool fuelled anthem 'Power Rage Riot Death'. Taking the obvious riff from Ministry's 'Stigmata' and ripping it to shreds with electronic claws, this synth beat is very reminiscent of acts from the early days of Electronic Industrial like Cat Rapes Dog, Swamp Terrorists and Revolting Cocks, but with a modern Gabba twist.
If you like your industrial hard, but not Hardstyle and love the good old days of the genre then 'Killers' will be a delight to the anarchic side of any listener.

Available to buy on CD, 12" vinyl and download via the groups' Bandcamp.

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