Thursday 12 March 2015

Review: Je$us Loves Amerika – 'Falling' EP


Following on the wings of their previous two EPs, Je$us Loves Amerika finishes up their '3 Colours Trilogy' with 'Falling'. Unlike it's predecessors, this EP is a sombre and fitting end to the band's latest opus, with it's title track being more of an industrial ballad. With synth samples taken from The Beatles 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds', it creates a dreamscape of euphoria that gives the listener nostalgic pangs of lost love. What starts as a moment of clarity fast becomes anger within hidden emotions.

Remixes come in the form of label mates Paresis, Digicore and i!. Paresis turns the song sinister and menacing whilst Digicore makes it a stealth fuelled masterpiece and wouldn't be out of place on a trailer for a thriller flick. i!'s two mixes are a combination of the avant garde and the down-right odd (which is what you'd expect from them).

The real gem in this record though is it's finale. Called the 'vocal mix', this nine-minute dub track of 'Falling' takes on a mind of it's own. It is more evenly played out than it's original counterpart and is reminiscent to the Killing Joke remixes back in the 90's. It's only downfall is the fat synth that lands on top of it two-thirds of the way in, creating a wall of noise that simply does not work for this song, but you can still enjoy the track as an experience.

In all it makes for a good set of tunes in the '3 Colors Trilogy', if you were to put them together you'd have good enough tracks for one EP. You probably won't like all the stuff you hear, but you can easily pick and choose your favourites.

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