Tuesday 24 March 2015

Review: Naked Lunch – 'Evolve' EP


Before this old school electronic act went off to tour with the mighty Covenant across the UK, they released this little slice of what they do best. Evolve is a 4 track EP of re-versions of some of their classic works. since starting in 1979 the group have been more concerned about the music and the ride than getting signed and releasing a back catalogue, and it's because to this that they have formed a quiet cult following. "We used to hate record companies" states lead singer Tony, "Back then it was hard to record and release your own work. Besides, songs will evolve as they get played frequently and we didn't want to get stuck with a sound once it was recorded".

Now with technology creating a more ambient and atmospheric sound, it seems that Naked Lunch are right were they need to be, while also enlisting the help of the smoking gun that is Jet Noir on synth and back vocals. "I've known Tony since I was a teenager; mused Noir "and when I heard his band needed a keyboard player I offered my services."

By the time Jet joined the group she was already doing quite well with her own solo project, and promises that she can easily flit between the two.

Beginning with 'Alone' the EP has a sombre yet effective start. Tony's vocals are deep and formidable, and Jet's backing is a mist upon the tracks landscape. It's follow up 'Glow' has vicious undertones in a light and spacious track and 'Slipping Again Again' sounds like an upbeat ballad for a paranoid man. Ending the release is the bands' live opener 'We Are'. With it's long set up and guitar-in-space sound, it is by far the greatest track.

In all this release is a great starter for new fans, showcasing a great new mix of their older songs (brilliantly produced by Yello's Carlos Peron). This band pre-date the majority of electronic and Industrial bands out there, and this EP throws down the gauntlet to any still alive. With a new album of material on the way this year along with a developed sound including more dance, bass and orchestral tones it is clear that the age of Naked Lunch has only just begun. "we're not part of this revivalist trend of 80's band" said Tony, we are constantly evolving and moving forward."

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