Thursday 19 March 2015

Review: Sentinel Of Eternity – 'Sentinel Of Eternity'

'Sentinel Of Eternity'

This transatlantic trio spearheaded by French electronic composer Stephen Marty, and rounded off by vocalists Sebastian Elliott (Braindance) and digital artist Salandre. Combining a strong dance-leaning the band combines deep house elements with ebm, darkwave and synthpop to create relentless and infectious electronic anthems. The band's début self-titled album is a manifesto of moody, dark and emotional song-writing that is reminiscent of BlutEngel, Avarice In Audio and Cryogenic Echelon.

The album opens bravely with a full-length instrumental 'Cyberia' that is full of energy and great addictive beats, but seems a little long to be the opening track where a shorter intro would have had more punch. The album is more than equipped to hold your attention though with big anthems such as 'Surrender', 'Monolith', 'Awake My Senses', and 'Out Of the Ashes' that will no doubt get a lot of play in scene clubs. While the likes of 'Desire', 'The Sentinel' and 'Eternity' slow things down and provide a sensual and more feminine gloss to the album.

The album's use of male and female vocals is great and really serves to bring out different elements of the music and there are a few occasions makes you wonder if the roles were reversed and how that would effect the atmospheres of the songs.

The album is really well produced. The songs are richly textured and the vocals flow with mix to create hypnotic atmospheres while the dance appeal is always preserved. It doesn't sound like a new project. It has a sense of experience to it that most bands need to be together for ten years to achieve. But for Sentinel Of Eternity, it seems to have come together instantly.

This is a strong début with a lot of potential. The dance appeal is always front and centre, but it still flows like an album should, and as such can be easily enjoyed in a more intimate environment. Hopefully this project will be an ongoing concern for all involved and they will follow this up with more in the near future.  

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