Tuesday 10 March 2015

Review: HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFiC – 'Morgue Witch'

'Morgue Witch'

It has been a year since US electronic trio HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFiC dropped their initial self-released offering 'Digital Ecstasy' and have quickly established themselves in the time since as very sought-after remixers, lending their talents to tracks by Grypt, Apollyon's Visage, and Night Light.

2015 sees the band release the first single from their as yet untitled follow-up album in the form of 'Morgue Witch', a romanticised horror story of bleak and desperate struggle of self-identification through the eyes of others dressed up in pop-hooks and saturated in witchy electronics that yields a dual masculine and feminine vocal attack. In particular it recalls the quality songwiting of ∆aimon and psychedelic edge of Grypt.

A lot of criticism is levelled at “witchy” electronic bands for poor production values and purposefully underground/low-fi for the safe of it presentation. But not here. The band present a well-crafted and well rounded track that keeps one foot in it's underground comfort zone, but also strives to fully realise its presentation.

If 'Morgue Witch' is indicative of the next HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFiC album, then fans of trippy underground electronics are in for a treat. The song is slow but dance-friendly with its core rhythm giving the song a definite edge while the lead melodies and memorable lyrics, aptly performed, mean that this will stick out in people's minds. Hopefully we'll be hearing plenty more from this band in the next few months as their next album is released.

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