Tuesday 17 March 2015

Review: The Dreaming – 'Rise Again'

'Rise Again'

Comprised of former members of Stabbing Westward, LA-based dark rockers The Dreaming already have a lineage that creates certain expectations for this new endeavour. However, as their last album, 'Puppet' showed, the band have all the tool they need to solidify their name in their own right. Last year's lead single 'Alone' was a good indicator of where the band were looking to take their third album 'Rise Again', and it sounded very promising.

Fast-forward and the album is here, and the band are definitely living up to that promise. The album kicks off with the explosive 'Alone', which is just as strong as the bands, new wave-meets-darkwave style gets. It's a great song that sets the album up nicely and is built upon by anthemic numbers such as 'Painkillers', 'Empty Promises', 'Throw It Away', 'Blink Of An Eye' and 'Rise Again'. The album is heavy on sing-a-long choruses, emotional lyrics, dance-friendly electronics and great guitar riffs which makes it instantly accessible to anyone hearing them for the first time.

There is a set formula that the band don't really deviate from too much. But they do manage to bring things in for the odd slower and softer number. But ultimately it doesn't break ranks with the up-beat electro rock that informs the majority of the album. And while that creates a strong unified sound, it does leave a question mark as to whether this is their comfort zone and whether they will throw any curve balls at us, as they have the talent and musicianship to do it and still be great.

The album is extremely well produced and could easily hold its own against a bigger budget, major label band on the radio. The synths and guitars never swamp each other and vocals soar through the mix with ease.

With this level of song-writing the band have upped their game on 'Rise Again' and will safely put to rest any comparisons to Stabbing Westward. The album is strong, accessible, memorable and relevant. And with a label like Metropolis backing it should be a firm footing from which the band can establish themselves internationally. 

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