Tuesday 31 March 2015

Review: :Wumpscut: – 'DJ Dwarf 15'

'DJ Dwarf: 15' 

As much as I love the Roman numerals of :Wumpscut: releases, it is some ways a lazy breath of carbon monoxide to know actually which CD I am looking at, and not relying on the artwork. One part always remembered is the sheer number of tracks possessed on the DJ Dwarf releases, that compile a variety of grinds and cuts from the holy butcher of gothic industrial.

‘That Was The Life That Was’ is a direct injection of percussion, perfect for applying dark lipstick, and clipping a knife above the thighs to the bass garter; as Rudy Ratzinger’s theatrical play is about to begin.

There are two things you need for a :Wumpscut: song:
1. Theatrical music of the old century Vs the new modern age of mournful brutality, which has turned into filth.
2. A combination of vocals that are brutally short, yet soft to the sweetest touch.

‘Rattengift’ takes a slower approach of these characteristics, falling into a melody of poison, then its remixed twin ‘2nd Face’ kicks in with a heavier work on the ear from the blade. ‘Gangraen (Reactor 7X Remix) gets’ the EP rolling into the 21st century dance grind. A harsh alteration of rhythm; nevertheless you can feel the trigger being stroked gently, as a throwback of vodka/met cocktail gets the ye olde reactor pumping again.

‘The Grim reaper’ takes you on a walk through Ratzinger’s trance smog violins, and carries you with disturbing rhythm. Slowly along that dance you’ll fall through the invisible wall of ‘iVardensphere’ where the old sound vanishes and a deep pound of bass brings you into a tribal industrial theme.

Advent Resilience bring some disturbing joy into this death dance, with ‘Oh Mein Kuemmerling’ pouring the blood from shoulders to hands, the beat reminds me accurately to recent project Blac/Kolor. Keeping in with that modernisation, ‘Kamerad Kapput’ is either going to make or break DJ Dwarf for you (thus put the disc in your mouth and let your teeth be the best judge!) I think to describe this song would be :Wumpscut: on snow freestyle. 

After that setting on the delightful snow, ‘Wish I Was A Failure (Reactor 7x Remix)’ decides to stab you back to a place of sweat, black & tanzified dirt; that filth is a bit harder to rub out of the veins. ‘Advent Resilience’ provides another remix that brings the same joy on bloody skin in maniac fashion, however this time with cyber elements.

Piano keys introduce you to a stomp that picks up momentum quickly and becomes more electronic ‘Oh Mein Kuemmerling (Cynical Front Remix)’. Another immediate change in tone occurs into Electro swing.  ‘Das Deutsche Schwert (Advent Resilience Remix)’ is an odd rhythm to dance with axe to put it frank, more unexpected than anything else it’s a bass thud ballad. 

‘The Grim Reaper (Nigen Remix)’ begins its ascent strung chords of dark violin percussion, however this track swings into a ballad of dubstep, this being the softest of the compositions of the genre, and is a twisted way to end it.

This DJ Dwarf release is an interesting experiment. There are core elements of blood and witchcraft similar to previous, however a sheer amount of new genres have been added. If you haven’t resorted to compact disc in the throat; then you may get Rudy’s thoughts of implementing it into his music. Here are genres are growing into the alternative scene, and you shall either love it or hate it.

Reviewed by Dominic Lynch aka DJ LX-E

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