Monday 9 December 2013

END: the DJ New Music Picks- November 2013

Back with another new music top pick that really caught peoples’ attention in November and into the last part of this year. So much fantastic works as of late. Check out ALL the beats:

Cold In May- The Reason (Motion City Lights Remix)- Skyqode
For the first time in ages, this has been one of those tracks that never leaves my personal playlist. In fact, when I hear this track I instantly hit repeat to hear again. The vocals have such moving delivery, the lyrics are powerful and the remix adds to what is already a truly amazing piece of work. Whatever you do, catch Cold In May’s latest releases on Skyqode. You’ll be rewarded many times over.

Systemshock- Cheater (Video Edit)- Synthematik
Fantastic new artists from the self-titled EP. Driving floor track that I love listening to when getting ready for a night full-tilt!

The Invalid- Breaksequence- Deathwatch Asia
Having The Invalid’s album sent to me was a pleasant surprise- such aggressive beats with a heavy rock or even nu-Metal influence vocally is quite a balancing act, done superbly throughout the entire release. Breaksequence is one of the handful tracks I really enjoy. 

Stereomotion- Leave It All Behind- Danse Macabre Records
This track off of the recent “Days of Faith” album is one of many noteworthy club tracks. Great vocal style and complimentary music production. Check this one out!

iVardensphere- Snakecharmer- Metropolis Records
If you have yet to check out iVardensphere’s recent album “The Methuselah Tree”, you need to stop reading this, go order a copy of this right now and the rest of your day is set to be musically educated. iVs is in true form with this release- Snakecharmer is one of the album’s highlights, showcasing the diversity of styles mastered. Fantastic!

Armystrial- Absence- Login Records
Leave it to Login Recs to come out with one of the most mechanic sounding tech tracks of the year with this outstanding track. This has quite a buzz, both literally and metaphorically. The beat will haunt you! In fact, if you love the high quality minimal tech sound to this one, you should pick up Armystrial’s entire “Aircraft” album. Every track on it is fantastic.

Die Krupps- Nocebo- SPV
The hard beats and signature Die Krupps voice- always copied and underrated- return. Very stomp worthy! You can catch this one off of the new album “The Machinists of Joy” along with a handful of other strong tracks.

Sparx- Spiked- Hard As Nails Digital
HAN Digital unleashes another monster track and it’s total energy, something to set off everyone; ‘Spiked’ almost challenges you NOT to move. 

Love?- I Walk Alone-
The new Love? album Electronically Yours = get this ASAP. Such a solid album with much depth and so many outstanding tracks, it was difficult to choose just one. Fantastic work.

Dave Schiemann- Throne- Dedu Music
Fresh off the new Dedu Music label is this powerhouse club track; building from start to finish, Throne is a track to kick off the peak of the dance floor with along with Dedu Music’s other releases of fresh club music.

Make sure not to miss out on these other works:

Mesh- Adjust Your Set (Club Version)- Metropolis Records
Mesh’s recent output has been arguably their best ever- most especially since selected tracks have been ‘adjusted’ to make bodies move. Check out this version from the self-titled single release.

System Syn- The Privileged- Metropolis Records
I’ve always loved Clint Carney’s solo work when he has the time away from his collaborative time with Imperative Reaction and God Module. His System Syn always strikes me as very artistic and the new album “No Sky to Fall” is a great example of this. This track from the album signifies the work.

Tweaker- Grounded (3KStatic Mix)- Metropolis Records
Tweaker (aka Chris Vrenna) has a new remix album with many awesome tracks to check out including this one, featuring guest vocals from kaRIN of Collide. 

D Grove- Visions- Bionic Digital Recordings
One of Bionic Digital’s latest showcases of some kick ass Hardstyle. The driving beat production on this one is intense.

Grada- Trippin Like a Boss (Supertons Remix)- Supemarket Records
This track has such a flow, it keeps you on the floor. Love the rhythmic tones and transitions. Find this one on digital outlets such as Beatport, iTunes and more!

I’ll have December’s top picks plus the top selections of 2013 (Best tracks, albums, labels and more) next. Keep listening!

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist on Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END supports many dark electronic artists & labels by touring internationally plus mix sets on U.S. and UK radio with Industrial Club Sessions. More details are on his official website.

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