Wednesday 18 December 2013

Review: M.O.D. – 'Le Dios Mechanische'

'Le Dios Mechanische' 

M.O.D are an Italian electro duo who blend the cybergoth style of Angelspit and the ebm of Psy'Avaiah. After a demo, single and a few compilation appearances to their name, the duo of Maryhell and Angie return with their first full-length outing 'Le Dios Mechanische'. The album features a pretty consistent but ultimately a pleasing formula filled with nice melodic hooks, and club-friendly rhythms with a few experimental touches thrown in for good measure.

The album certainly caters to the dance hungry of Europe’s club scene with near anthemic tracks like 'Le Dios Mechanische', 'Tödlicher Krebs', 'Freaks', 'Psychic Trap' and 'Gothic World' dominating the albums track list. Though the band are still able to mix things up with the more experimental flavoured, 'Please, Just Save Us!' and 'A Part Of Nothing'.

Though there is a lot of potential on display here, there is a lot the band still need to work on. Firstly is the production with the vocals constantly sounding too flat and drowned out in the mix. Also the vocal effects on tracks such as 'Oxygen Destroyer', 'Tolleranz Null', 'Die Sklaverei' don't quite blend with the rest of the song and as a result detract from an otherwise good effort. There is also the opening intro, which probably sounds great live, but could have been trimmed back a bit. Finally at fifteen tracks, you do get your money's worth (especially as this is a free to download album), however it needs a little more variety in the style of 'Please, Just Save Us!' and 'A Part Of Nothing' to keep the interest up over an extended listening period.

Overall though this is a promising album from a band that certainly have all the tools to make a name for themselves. The strongest songs on the album are definitely memorable and will no doubt also work well live. M.O.D. are one to keep an eye on.

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