Monday 16 December 2013

New from Caustic

Matt Fanale, AKA Caustic has unleashed another free EP of his own brand of industrial madness in the form of 'OBΔMΔCΔRE'.

The EP contains new cuts of Jizzcore such as 'Persistence of Anti-Division' as well as covers of Babyland's 'Worst Case Scenario' and Godflesh's 'Christbait Rising' as well as remixes from the likes of Null Device and iVardensphere.

In regards to the title of the album, Fanale had this to say:
“Because no other strangely spelled word in the English language today describes CAUSTIC as accurately. CAUSTIC regularly creates a tsunami of reactionary criticism, speculation, and sheer, uninformed hatred through his obviously baiting tactics for his unapologetic, take-no-prisoners industrial (and is it even CONSIDERED industrial? Start a debate over it! Argue about it on your Facebook!). However, HE WILL NOT BE SWAYED. The haters simply ignite a biggerer tsunami of creative wordplay and over-the-top war comparisons for the music he makes in his basement on a computer.”

Track List:

1.Persistence of Anti-Division
2. More Requested To Not Stay Away From Uteri Than a Republican
3. Industrial Home Ownership
4. Worst Case Scenario
5. Christbait Rising (VOMIT ARSONIST vs CAUSTIC)
6. Eyes Pried Wide (LOSS mix)
7. Industrial Home Ownership (SALVO mix)
8. Bring Out Your Dub (NULL DEVICE mix)
9. Must Have Pills (TINHEAD mix)
10.More Requested To Not Stay Away From Uteri Than a Republican (IVARDENSPHERE MIX)
11.Eyes Pried Wide (MAHR mix)

'OBΔMΔCΔRE' is available to download for free or to pay what you want via the Caustic bandcamp page. For more on Caustic, please visit the official website.

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