Thursday 12 December 2013

Review: Petrol Hoers – 'Really Good & Sexy'

'Really Good & Sexy' 

In the beginning there was a sleazy Northern band called Petrol Bastard. Their abusive and insulting sound resonated across the UK with shock and awe. Meanwhile in the countryside of York, a lonesome horse accidentally sniffed-up a load of coke mistaking it for sugar. These actions resulted in the horse going to dance halls and it was there that he discovered the band Petrol Bastard. He was so enthralled by the sound of this hapless crew that he decided to make a tribute act to show his love for the band...

This is, of course, a load of nonsense... Apart from the last bit!

The best way of course to show your appreciation for the act is to take the piss out of them. 'Really Good & Sexy', follow up to their screaming début 'Albom', is a mixture of Speedcore, Industrial and Metal and is not for the faint of heart. This six track offering is a shining example of how far the alternative scene can go, and if you think the EP is enough for your brain to handle, you should attempt to see them live.

The EP begins on a dark and sombre note, only to be cut short by a Northern bastard swearing at 'The Horse' complaining it was supposed to be a speedcore album. A perfect intro for what's' in store. Next up is '#YOLO', a swathing attack on people who don't understand what is being played in front of them, moving quickly into 'Horsecore Motherfucker', which keeps the pace and sounds like a gallop on steroids.
The best track by far on the EP is 'You'll Never Take My Swag'. With industrial overtones, a level of very good humour and a fantastic build up leading to a metal drop that could make Skrillex shit himself.

The only downside to this release is that it's perfect music to torture to, but it's over far too soon! Here's hoping there's still a few more races in this old horse yet.

Both 'Really Good & Sexy' and 'Albom' are available on bandcamp to download.


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