Thursday 5 December 2013

Review: Petrol Bastard – 'Terrible Problem'

'Terrible Problem' 

Have you ever woken up after a massive bender with permanent marker on your face, a goat in the living room eating your sofa cushions and a feeling that either you may have eaten something wrong or that someone has violated you? Well hang onto your hangover cause here lies your soundtrack for the next few hazy hours!

Over the last year Northern Buggers Petrol Bastard have been putting their loud and ludicrous Friday nights to good use by making some of the most brain shattering electronic music their bile could muster. With the success of their second album 'Dripping Gash' they have managed to get all over the UK playing with some other scuzzy industrial acts and have also managed to get themselves involved with Alt.-Fest next year. This new eight track album, released before their official release with Armalyte Records next year, is a torrent of drunken antics that is sure to either have you bouncing or throwing up into the bathroom sink.

Starting with the aptly named 'I spent my rent money on Tentacle porn', the album begins with sirens, digital discourse and screaming that makes you believes you are in the presence of the Overfiend! If you manage to make your way through the sludge of the first track, the next song, 'If you die in Batley do you die in real life?' makes a running start like a juggernaut. Pausing briefly in the middle with Doghouse of Sicknote breathing haggardly in your ear it then returns with overpowering gusto.

'Fred Foster' is a perfect representation of what it's like to crave a drink on a Saturday night, with sing-a-long capabilities and frustration you wouldn't want to mess with. It's follow up 'Fiat Multipla' serves as a part two to 'Fred Foster'. It's the closest thing the band will ever come to writing a ballad and sounds like the band is crawling ever closer to the bathroom to pass out in their own filth. Like a motor revving up though the album starts back up with 'White Star Adventuraaaaaaaaar', which seems to reek of mid-90s glitch charm. An unfortunate co-incidence then that the last track is titled 'The 90's were shit (I shat in a gameboy)'. It's a perfect example of what the band is about: sampling fart sounds and bumping beats that sound like football supporters kicking at a wall.

If Faderhead's 'Black Friday' was about clubbing in Europe, then 'Terrible Problem' is the English tourist making trouble trying to chat up the native birds and throwing up on his shoes at the end of the night. A must have for anyone who loves sleezy electro industrial with no disregard for public safety.

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