Thursday 19 December 2013

Review: Komor Kommando – 'Hail The Rhythm'

'Hail The Rhythm' 

If there's one thing Sebastian Komor knows, it's how to write tracks that will tear up dancefloors. Whether its as part of Icon Of Coil, Zombie Girls or his solo-project Komor Kommando, he has stamped his mark on numerous club anthems that are regularly spun around the world. So with every new release there is a certain level of expectation. Thankfully his latest outing under the Komor Kommando moniker doesn't disappoint.

'Servus Pulsu' is is a hard industrial / techno crosover that features an unrelentingly addictive beat and dark pulsing synths fused with Latin chanting. The result is something rather bombastic and sinister, yet completely dance friendly. The title tracks is joined by the instrumental b-side 'Cardiovascular System Check' which immediately brings to mind the dystopian techno of a science fiction soundtrack.

The cinematic feel is then carried over onto the first remix of the lead track. This time adding symphonic elements that again begs to be included on a soundtrack. The EP is then rounded off with a dark electro inspired remix courtesy of London's Inertia. Shifting the focus away from the neo-classical and back towards 21st century dancefloors.

'Hail To The Rhythm' is a strong EP / single that once again raises the bar for Komor in terms of his song-writing. It's a curve ball admittedly, but one that works very well and should be assured of long presence on many club play lists.

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