Wednesday 4 December 2013

Review: Shatoo – 'Floodlights'


Norwegian synthpop outfit Shatoo are name that can be added to the ever growing list of bands that are taking another stab at it. Originally having formed in the 80's by the turn of the decade they had disappeared, leaving only the legacy of their domestic chart hits 'Overload' – which spent eleven weeks at Number one – as well as, 'Dangertown' and 'Santorini'.

Their new EP 'Floodlights' follows on from the recent single 'Nothing That I Wouldn't Do' released earlier this year, and features not only the afore mentioned track but also remixes courtesy of Angst Pop featuring Technomancer.

The title track is a big slice of Euro-synth with a strong lead melody, a danceable pace, and a great sing-a-long chorus that proudly declares the bands intentions. While 'Nothing That I Wouldn't Do' is an old school dance number with a nice airy intro and a bouncy chorus that is a bit cheesy but enjoyable in a guilt pleasure kind of way.

Despite the band's 80's origins. There is a definite modern flavour to their sound, which isn't really surprising considering the line-up is rounded out by ex-Apoptygma Berzerk members Geir Bratland and Per Aksel Lundgreen who add a little sprinkle of futurepop to the proceedings.

Shatoo might not be particularly breaking new ground with 'Floodlights' but it is a nice statement nonetheless. It's well written and nicely mixed with a strong Euro vibe to it that is quite fun. The remix collaborations will definitely give the EP some longevity yet, but they'd do well to follow this up with a full-length album sooner rather than later.

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