Monday 9 December 2013

Review: The Causticles – 'Marco Visconti EP'

'Marco Visconti EP' 

Accompanying Matt & Brians' début album 'Eric Gottsman' comes the remix E,P 'Marco Visconti' (Once again not featuring the namesake on the release, but showing their love for the scene and the people that are involved). This miniature slice of madness features remixes from some of the albums' best tracks and have been re-formed by artists such as The .Invalid, CTRLSHFT and Mangadrive.

The intro, 'Resultant Forces', has been remixed by Rodney Anonymous and has been extended to the point where it's more or less a new song. It's not really a dance track, but more of a piece of fun with Joe Jack Talcum laying vocals on top with the typical humour you would expect from the people who brought you Caustic and The Gothsicles.

If you were looking for a great (yet obvious) club remix, then The .Invalid's remix of 'Spacebugs' is the perfect solution. The original on it's own is a great track to dance to, but this remix takes it up to eleven, adding a twisted edge to an already dark number. Next is a rather broken vibe to the albums' closer 'The Causticles Ain't Nothin' To Fuck Wit'. This remix (mastered by CTRLSHFT) takes the theme of a rap battle and gives it a gamer vibe.

The best track on this EP however is the alternative version of 'We're [Literally] Here For Your [Figurative] Pussy'. A fun frenzy of a track to begin with, this version makes it a sexy and smutty ride that will make you feel bad for loving it. An 8-bit journey in the guise of the Mangadrive mix of 'Headbutt To The Guts' is next on the scene. With more of a hard style sound this version is good but lack imagination and doesn't give you anything special. The final track is another remix of 'Spacebugs', but put up against the first version it's a rather pointless affair. Adding an effect to the vocals that makes it hard to listen to means that this is a track to miss even on it's own.

In total this is a great companion to the bands' début, giving the listener a good indication on who the bands influences and fans are on the scene. It also shows that this act are not a flash in the pan, leaving us wondering who they will name their next releases after.

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