Thursday 10 July 2014

Editorial: July 2014

This month's editorial is just a quick one to update you on the next digital compilation album. The cover is more or less done. It may be tweaked further yet. It was originally going to be another idea entirely, but it was somewhat impractical so rather than using a new photograph I threw some stuff in a blender and... here's one I made earlier. As with last year it ended up getting done on a hot and humid night when I couldn't sleep. I've also made a start on the layout of the accompanying A4 pdf booklet, which is shaping up to be quite cool.

Right, now for the best bit. I'm sending out invitations to bands and artists this month for contributions to the album. Unlike last year, when I tried to over stretch myself, I'm putting a limit on the number of bands featured. I'm looking to make this one to fill just one CD's worth this time and feature roughly fifteen bands/artists, which gives them just over five minutes of song time each in total. Of course not everyone will use the full amount of allotted time... so if there is still plenty of space left when I've got all the submissions back, and if some don't get their tracks in by the cut-off date, I'll then open things up to general submissions.

Once again this will be a FREE to download compilation, so I'll be keeping everything low cost and not-for-profit as it was first time around, the artwork will be downloadable with the songs in whatever digital format you desire.

Finally, if you're new to this humble website and haven't downloaded our first 'Blood Pack' compilation album yet, please click the album cover in the sidebar and download yourself a free copy from our bandcamp page.

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