Wednesday 30 July 2014

Review: Virtual Terrorist – 'Re-Coded'


Virtual Terrorist may not be a huge name outside of the Canadian scene but there is no doubt that Siborg's industrial technoize project means business. Hard and uncompromising in its approach, Virtual Terrorist is an incendiary blend of hard beats, abrasive synths, samples and cyberpunk attitude that remains ultimately dance-friendly.

The one-man-projects latest release is the remix companion to February's 'Source Code EP' and features contributions from the likes of Xero, Mangadrive, and Kold as well as one brand new demo track.

New cut 'Escape' opens the album with its steady dance pace and post millennium synths. It isn't the most hard hitting track in his back catalogue but it has an undeniable catchy quality to it. Xero provides 'Firewall Breaker' with a nice rhythmic noise reworking while Mangadrive turn up its club potential with their mix-friendly take. Digital Winter give 'Hacking Software' an anarchic industrial remix that is both dirty and infectious, while Radutron turn up the metal guitars for what would be a great mix to include on a Terminator soundtrack. Gotthavok then bring the rhythmic noise back for their remix of 'Corporate Warfare'. Kold on the other hand break out the light and clean futuristic synths for a funky take on 'Retro Terror Punk'.

This is a very diverse release that will literally have something for everyone, no matter what genres they favour. It iss a testament not only to the quality of Siborg's song writing ability, but also the choices in remixers he has. Though being a remix album, 'Re-Coded' probably won't make a huge splash, it nonetheless gives Siborg the tools to infiltrate as many club sets as possible.

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