Tuesday 15 July 2014

Review: Everything Goes Cold – 'Black Out The Sun'

'Black Out The Sun'

Californian industrialists Everything Goes Cold return once more with another borderline crazy collection of varied and intriguing tracks. Founded by Eric Gottesman formerly of Psyclon Nine (and a live member of just about every US act worth their salt at one time or another), Everything Goes Cold have carved out a credible but tongue-in-cheek niche for themselves with releases such as 'Vs. General Future' and 'The Tyrant Sun' to their name.

The latest album, 'Black Out The Sun', continues to refine the bands formula of old school sounds with a modern twist. Kicking things off with the dark ambient instrumental 'SL.R1S', the band throw in chip tune leads and down tempo beats for an unexpectedly effective intro. The band really come into their own though on tracks such as 'The Joke', 'The Iron Fist Of Just Destruction', 'IAMERROR', 'When The Sky Rips In Two You Are Free' and 'All Sculpt Evil From The Clay Beneath Their Lips' which give the album a solid backbone of frantic old school cool with modern attitude. The albums undoubted centrepiece though is the sublime ambience of 'Ice Brigade, Part II', which should be more than enough to silence any naysayers.

Interestingly, Gottesman's vocals remain pretty unadulterated throughout the album, which makes a nice change of pace from the dominance of effect saturated vocals favoured by many acts. It also gives the album a nice cyber-punky vibe when combined with the dirty guitars and computer game synthesizer sounds.

Despite the focus on 8-bit beeps, this is still a very modern sounding album with nice crisp production and strong attention to detail given to every track. The result of which is something a little bit bonkers but completely approachable.

This is a very strong offering by Everything Goes Cold. There are some very memorable tracks that will definitely do well in the clubs, as well as live. And even though things get a bit cheesy every now and then, there is no doubt that the band are continuing to push themselves as songwriters and performers as this is the tightest album yet.  

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