Wednesday 9 July 2014

Review: Tyburn Saints – 'With The Night In Our Eyes'

'With The Night In Our Eyes'

With an EP recorded by Ian Love (Rival Schools) and produced by Grammy award winner Guy Massey (Manic Street Preachers, Depeche Mode, Spiritualized and The Chameleons) you're pretty much guaranteed that the début from Brooklyn, New York's Tyburn Saintshas its sights set high. Indeed the EP delves headlong into the dark side of the 80s indie charts pulling out the best of shoegaze, new-wave, goth and synthpop had to offer and distils them into something fresh, but distinctly retro.

You could instantly dismiss them as being retro-fetishist hipsters, and that they perhaps lack the bite of their source material. Yes, the production style does come off a little retro for the sake of it, and there is definitely more emphasis on the pop element of their sound. But this is one of those bands that are going to get their claws into a lot of people for the simple reason that they're damn good song writers.

What they present at their best is something between The Psychedelic Furs, Nick Cave and Depeche Mode. It's moody synthesizer-augmented dark indie that 30 years ago would have made them the biggest band in the world, but now simply marks them as an interesting and original listening experience.

With songs such as 'She's So', 'With The Night In Our Eyes' , 'With The Light In Our Eyes' and 'A Way With Her' up their sleeves, they prove they have the ability to write big and infectious anthems with memorable melodies and sing-a-long choruses.

However, there is still this overriding sense that they are writing a love letter to the 1980s in the styles of the time rather than in their own voice. But this is a first outing after all, and it is a strong one that promises a lot more to come from this band.  

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