Tuesday 15 July 2014

Review: Kevorkian Death Cycle – 'Distorted Religion'

'Distorted Religion'

Hot on the heels of last year's exceptional return after thirteen long years, Kevorkian Death Cycle are wasting little time with a new album in the works from which this latest single 'Distorted Religion' is cut. The band pick up where they left off with 'God Am I' with two new nasty electro-industrial floor fillers.

Starting with 'The Promise', the band slowly unveil a tense, crawling, beat driven track that perfectly juxtaposes sinister verses and airy, soaring choruses. It's slow and dark, and perhaps not a classic club track on first listen, but the steady beat a filthy bass make this subtly infectious.

The title track, 'Distorted Religion', again favours a slower pace, but with its catchy leads and heavy chorus is a more identifiable club track ready to be unleashed. It has that unmistakeable KDC edge to it that will appeal to long-time fans and be a perfect introduction for virgin ears.

The remixes courtesy of Assemblage 23 and HexRx don't particularly drift into radically different territory with Assemblage 23 giving the title track a suitably old school sounding dressing down, while HexRx up the club potential of 'The Promise'.

This single is a perfect taster for the forthcoming album, two strong lead tracks that give you everything that you want from Kevorkian Death Cycle, while providing subtle hints to what else they have up their sleeves. While they don't have the hard driving feel of the last album's lead single, 'Mind Decay', they are more intriguing and will definitely draw listeners in and leave them waiting for what they have next.

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