Thursday 10 July 2014

Review: Tomorrowillbeworse – 'Down The Road Of Nothing'

'Down The Road Of Nothing'

Sitting somewhere between the depressive raw black metal of early Burzum and the melancholic doom of Katatonia, UK/Italian duo Tomorrowillbeworse cut a malevolent but elegant post-black metal début with 'Down The Road Of Nothing'.

The album blends traditional black metal riffs and vocals with funeral doom atmospherics and pace, the end result of which is something a bit more emotional and refined. The bass is often quite prominent which takes away the typical tinny black metal sound, especially when the keyboards and acoustic guitars come in to play and enhance the band's melodic leanings.

Tracks such as 'Distressing Range', 'Fragments', 'Aesthetics Of Discouragement', and 'Down The Road Of Nothing' really show off the scope of the band's ambitions, taking risks and using approachable melodies and different paces to present a varied and engaging listening experience. However there is always a feeling that they could push themselves further to really develop these ideas and create something that stands out from the crowd.

The production has that typical black metal sound to it that was popularised in the 90s. Which is fine. It does compliment the rawer elements, and the songs are all mixed really well. But it doesn't really add anything that interesting or daring to the final product to send chills down the spine.

'Down The Road Of Nothing' is a fundamentally good album. It takes different styles and blends them in a distinctive and engaging way. The band blatantly have a lot of potential to be very creative in their song writing as well as in the execution of creating an album. It would be great though to hear them really get innovative and push not only their boundaries, but also the boundaries of post-black metal. Hopefully the band's sophomore effort will see them really get inventive.

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