Wednesday 16 July 2014

Review: Quasimodo – 'Under The Whip'

'Under The Whip'

Leeds based proto-goths Quasimodo return with their new single 'Under The Whip', following on from 2013's 'Liberty, Equality, Atrocity' EP. From this track alone its obvious that the band have stuck to their guns, refined their sonic formula and sharpened their execution.

The near five-minute single distils the strongest elements of their début EP: the steady dance beats, hard guitars, snappy keyboards and witty lyrics are all present. While the production sounds much fresher and dynamic. There is still that nice, raw post-punk quality to the song that gives nods to the likes of The Horatii, and Rosetta Stone.

The production still has that nice, no-frills kind of familiarity to it. But this time it is a lot more dynamic with the mix not falling into that flatness that occasionally dogged the EP. Instead, all the individual elements sound like they have a lot more room to move and add that punky expression to the performances.

'Under The Whip' is a great, classic sounding gothic rock anthem. The sing-a-long chorus, memorable piano melody and easy dance pace should not only see this be comfortable in the band's live repertoire, but it should find favour with many DJs as well.

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