Thursday 3 July 2014

Review: Atomzero – 'Symbiosis'


Canada-based duo Atomzero's first full-length release 'Symbiosis' is an ebm infused sytnhpop assault with dance floors firmly in its sights. Beat driven and melodic, it ticks all the boxes a modern electro-pop album should. It may fall short of being a genre classic just yet, but this is a début from a band that are hungry for recognition.

Opening with 'MisDirection' the bands put their best foot forward and establish their simple but effective formula of dance beats and no-frills pop melodies that continues through songs such as 'Ghost Inside', 'Blockade', 'Dissent' and 'Brave'. With this strict adherence to the sound, when they do mix things up it has a major effect with 'Build Decay' and 'Nature Without Sound' in particular standing out with their respectively harder and more experimental styles.

The songs are well written, the lyrics are deep and the production is fairly good as well. But vocally the album could do with a bit more variation. They're good but a tad self conscious and when they really need to power through the song they come off a bit restrained.

The album isn't perfect, but there is more than enough promise here for the band to work with and continue to refine. 'Symbiosis' is a good first step that hints at some interesting directions that the band don't quite follow through on. But there is more than enough substance to enjoy, and it wouldn't be surprising if this gained the duo some label attention. Hopefully the next full length will see them unfetter themselves and really show us what they can do.

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