Wednesday 27 February 2013

Review: Goteki - 'Geisha' EP


After perhaps the greatest creative period in the bands history that has seen a “Best Of” compilation, a tonne of EPs and an album in the form of of the critically acclaimed 'Santa Muerte' released in the space of five years, comes the bands final EP, 'Geisha'. As with its predecessor 'Piranha', the EP is centred around a rebooted and re-recorded track from the band's earlier years. Keeping very much with the “Death Electro” style that has served them so well over the past half-decade, the classic songs 'Geisha Deconstruct' and 'Fight The Saucermen' get a modern makeover and serve as a fitting parting shot as mastermind Ross Tregenza pulls the plug on the project once more.

The band's early fun and often cheesy style is nowhere to be found as the now rechristened 'Geisha' and 'Revenge Of The Saucermen' get a more subtle and darker sound that the band used to great effect on songs such as 'Nevada Dawn' and 'Reverse Engineer My Heart' in recent years, but without loosing the dance appeal of the original recordings. Also included are two experimental but equally catchy remixes of the title track by Sniper as well as Goteki's own Tregenza. Three alternative versions in the form of an instrumental take, extended mix and the original version remastered add more variety to things as well.
It has been very hard to fault the recent Goteki output, even their reworked classic material has been been done exceedingly well, and the 'Geisha' EP is no different. The EP has crammed seven tracks in, six of which are different versions of the same song. Yet it is the strength of the Goteki style that sees no two versions sound the same, and therefore the EP saves itself from being repetitive.

It is a shame that Goteki's final output features no new material in either a finished or even a demo version. But nonetheless, the past five years have secured the band's legacy in the electronic scene, and this final EP feels like a suitable end to a great band.

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