Thursday 28 February 2013

The March Violets reveal final track list

The March Violets have revealed the final track list for their eagerly awaited forthcoming album and follow-up to 2011's 'Love Will Kill You' EP.

Speaking on the band's pledge campaign page, Si Denbigh had this to say:
We wanted to have a definitive list that we wouldn’t have to change for vinyl. I’m a bit old school about Albums, I like it to play as the artist intended and don’t want to jump about or listen to ‘bonus tracks’ stuck on the end of a classic Album. Luckily modern playlisting allows those of you who like to pick and mix to listen how you like. Win Win.“It gets better… as this Album has gradually mutated into what will have to be a double LP if it gets on to vinyl, I have added another track to make sense of the timing per side. We are now up to 16, Hurrah!”
The track list is a s follows:

1. Made Glorious
2. Billion3
3. A Room With No View
4. Of Roses
5. Tokyo Flow
6.Ramming Speed
7. A Little Punk Thing
8. Dandelion King
9. 2024
10. London's Drowning
11. We Are All Gods II
12. Road Of Bones
13. Discoboy Must Die
14. Dress 4 U
15. Bottle Of Poison
16. My Demons

For more information on The March Violets and to keep up-to-date with the latest on their forthcoming album, please visit their official website.

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