Monday 25 February 2013

Android Lust release free cover of 'Cemetery Girls'

Android Lust's Shikhee D’iordna has announced her first cover song since her version of Bauhaus' 'Slice Of Life' on her 1999 remix album 'Evolution'.

The cover of 'Cemetery Girls', originally by Schoolyard Heroes, is available to download now for free from the Android Lust Soundcloud page.

Here is what Shikhee had to say about the song.
“I just recorded my first cover since doing 'Slice of Life' on 'Evolution'. It's been a while. This one was picked by a Kickstarter donor as part of a reward tier. The track is 'Cemetery Girls' by Schoolyard Heroes. I gave it a rather old school industrial treatment. It's a free download from my soundcloud.”
For more information on Android Lust and the current album 'Crater Vol. 1' please visit the official website.

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