Monday 29 April 2013

Dive to release 'Compiled'

Electronic music pioneer Dirk Ivens has indelibly etched his name into the genre with acts such as The Klinik, Absolute Body Control and Sonar. After the success of the limited edition eight-CD box set of the complete works of Dive, Out Of Line records has announced a new ' best of' compilation  'Compiled' will be released on May 17th.

The compilation will span two CDs with 36 tracks including club hits such as 'Dead Or Alive', as well as influential works like 'Behind The Sun'.

Track List:

CD 1 :
1. Snakedressed
2. Dark Room
3. Machinegun Baby
4. Bloodmoney
5. Lies In Your Eyes
6. Nobody Else featuring Ms. Poly-Ester
7. Two Faced Man
8. Be Yourself
9. Final Report
10. There's No Hope
11. Dead Or Alive
12. Flesh' Extreme Leap
13. Take Your Dreams Away
14. Broken Meat
15. Power Of Passion
16. Obsession featuring Kirlian Camera
17. Lost Inside You
18. Frozen

CD2 :
1. The Infinite Shades Of Disgust
2. Sidewalk Sinner
3. Dreamhunter
4. Vicious Bitch
5. No Pain No Game
6. Mercy
7. Growing Deep Inside
8. Where Wwere You?
9. Welcome To Hell IV
10. Slippin' Away
11. Small Paper Man
12. Are You Real?
13. Give It To Me
14. Weeping In The Dark
15. Man In The Mirror
16. Sickness
17. Behind The Sun
18. Deadman

'Compiled' is available to pre-order now from the Out Of Line webshop. To keep up to date with Ivens projects please visit his official website. You can also catch Dive live on the following dates:

11 May 2013: Das Bunker / Complex LA, Los Angeles, USA
14 June 2013: Bitstream Festival / Kulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
22 June 2013: Festival De La Musique Electro-Industrielle / La Fleche D'Or, Paris, France
03 August 2013: Schlagstrom! Festival / Betriebsbahnhof Schöneweide, Berlin, Germany
23 August 2013: Infest / University Campus, Bradford, UK
28-30 March 2014: 3. Out Of Line Weekender / Astra Kulturhaus, Berlin, Germany

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