Friday 5 April 2013

The weekly compendium 05/04/2013

Hello one and all. This week has been another somewhat shorter one than usual but we've still managed to bring you plenty of articles to keep your minds stimulated. The first being a cracking interview from Kevin Morris with Mexican aggrotech duo Hocico that was conducted just before their brilliant show at the Electrowerks a couple of weeks ago. We've also had reviews of the new Attrition and Mesh albums as well as news from Suicide Commando, Wave Gotik Treffan, Alfa Matrix, The Mission and Projekt Records.

Over on the social media pages we've seen a brilliant new videos from Inertia and Black Tape For A Blue Girl as well as previews of a new track from Psy'Aviah and a board-game from Abney Park.
There has been a new crowd-sourcing campaign from Matt 'The King Of Kickstarter' Fanale for his new Caustic EP, as well as a thank you from Alt-Fest. We had the news that DEVO will be re-releasing some of their earlier work and that the Sophie Lancaster Foundation have finally convinced Greater Manchester Police to treat attacks on members of subcultures as hate crimes. And if that wasn't enough there have also been tour announcements from Wednesday 13 and seminal author Neil Gaiman. AND some promising new sounds from a new project called Hope Estheim.

Finally, that infamous Nine Inch Nails April Fools joke also made a reappearance on the band's Tumblr page and we just had to re-post it!

So that was our week and we have a lot more in store for you after the weekend. But for now I'll leave you with the answer to that question you are all asking yourselves: What does an Abney Park themed board-game actually involve???

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